We are proud to present before you the wide range of 14 products which are exactly serving the basic three objectives of Ayurveda namely-

      Maintenance of health
      Prevention of disease
      Curing the disease


   Oriental's unique blends
   Ayurvedic concept of 'GHANA'

         Care from Menarche to Menopause

         Mild laxative & Perfect Bowel care

         Rejuvenator for all ages

         A perfect skin care solution

         Anti amoebic, Anti spasmodic

         World's first Herbal Female Aphrodisiac

         For Health and Happiness

         Perfect choice to back in shape

         Perfect Care for your Heart

         Experience the true freedom

         Pure herbal male Aphrodisiac

There are many advantages in using Ghana like:

      Higher concentration
      Lower Dosage
      Subtle in nature. So reaches the subtle target tissues.
      Longer Shelf life.
      Better Bio availability

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