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  :: Providing Consultancy services
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   to various Ayurvedic centers      worldwide.

“Disha” The Total Ayurveda Solutions

Consultancy Division of Oriental Ayurveda Health Products Pvt.Ltd.

Our Objective is To Provide Total Consultancy Solutions to the Ayurveda Spa, Resort & Wellness Center Industry.



Spa & Resort Management, Ayurveda Day Spa Management, Ayurveda Resort Spa Management, Ayurveda Wellness Center Management will benefit from our result oriented team.

We provide consultancy services to owners & potential owners on most aspects of Setting up an Ayurvedic Spa, Resort & Wellness Center from inception to completion.
We can provide consultancy services in every aspect required in this entire process.

has a team available to make your project easier to manage including timely completion, tailor made concepts to suite your requirements, minute detailing of every task.


Developing A New Spa:

Opening of Ayurveda Spa & Resort or Wellness center involves activities of a variety of individual resources. Architects, Designers, Planners & Developers, Marketing & Public Relations experts, Concept & Culture creators, experts in Procurement, Management & many more. Our approach integrates the work elements from all these experts into a clear concise concept.

Our Services Include:

  Creation of Concept & Culture
  Development of Facility
  Consultation regarding Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment, Electronics selection
  Consultation of Marketing of Concept
  Retail & Service Product procurement & creation of Retail Boutique concept
  Support regarding Staff Induction & Training

Creation of Concept & Culture

A unique environment that the client will visit again & again is our objective. Identifying your potential clientele & what will bring them to you is very important. Our entire team works to understand & identify your objectives & is to bring your vision to life.

This includes:

  Developing a concept or theme
  Determining the types of services available
  Creating a Menu of services & packages that will interest the client.
  Customizing packages of services for Spa & Resort or Wellness Center guests.
  Developing a profitable retail environment & culture to include the recommendation of   products as a part of service.
  Integrating Medical, Health & Wellness into the Spa environment.

Development of Facility

Developing a multi-functional environment is very crucial. How do you maximize your revenue potential & create a smooth flowing, employee & guest friendly environment?.

Our team can assist you with these issues including:

    Identifying the number, type & size of Rooms in your facility

    Identify the need for other services like hair, nail etc, if required.

    Design Treatment Rooms, Storage areas, etc. to maximize use of space, &      assure every detail from plumbing needs to electrical, lighting etc. is      addressed.

    Assist Architects, designers & space planners in design process &      Contractors in the construction portion to assure the design is efficient.

Consultation regarding Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment, Electronics selection

After the concept has been created, the floor plan drawn & rooms & services identified, the selection of Equipment, both large & small starts. In addition furniture & all decorative items have to be selected. We provide a detailed equipment list for each room utilizing the Good Better Best concept based on the environment. You would then select the equipments you prefer. Only the best resources are used.

This Includes:

  Selection of Equipment based on Good Better & Best Concept.

  Recommendation of Equipment vendors based on quality & service.

  Provide input of furniture selections throughout the environment for       Durability etc.

Consultation about Marketing of Concept

How do you create an environment that your client is looking for?. How do you get the guest there?. These are few questions that need to be answered. Market Research, market trends etc play a vital role. A concept must be clear, concise & mirrors the personality & anbience of the environment.

This includes:

  Assistance in the design of all collateral materials including Treatment menus,    press kits, client cards, release forms etc.

  Analysis & evaluation of market research for the area & type of environment    to be created.

  Assistance in the creation of a Gift Certificate Program that helps improve       sales & exposes your Spa to your potential client during key gift giving       periods.

  Assistance in creation of client collateral including comment cards etc, to       continually strive for total guest satisfaction.

Retail & Service Product Procurement & Creation Of Retail Boutique Concept

Our concept strengthens the suggestions of product throughout this environment. Tranquil & Serene sounds, attractive aromas, beautiful lighting all help the guests to treasure the experience & take it home with them. This concept is firmly rooted in all the services we develop, from beginning to end.

This includes:

   Utilization of Products in treatment with ability to buy these products for home use also.
   Making the Unique & most effective part of the treatment available at the Spa exclusively.
   Development of Private label or unique line, available only at your Spa.
   Utilization of Product lines that allow for maximum results while fitting within the cost range.
   Training Programs that integrate our philosophy into each service
   Creation of Boutique that offers all types of beauty products, personal care products & many other Health care related products.


Staff Induction & Training

Proper Staff is very important for the smooth & successful running of Any Spa. We offer support while inducting the staff & later provide Training facilities to the entire staff.


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