Main Activities

   :: Export of Ayurvedic Products.

   :: Formulating and Manufacturing
      Ayurvedic Products.

   :: Consultants to various
       Ayurvedic Health Centers
       in India and Abroad.

   :: Technical Advice & Consultancy
      Services to Ayurvedic
      Pharmaceutical Companies.

   :: Providing Ayurvedic Expert
      Human Resource in India and

   :: Providing career guidance to
      the students of Ayurveda.

    Other Activities

   :: Organizing International

   :: Free Health checkup camps

   :: Publishing books and articles
      related to health to create an
      awareness amongst people
      about Ayurveda.




‘Arogyam' is a group of specialized human resource, which is striving for public health through the tried & tested systems like Yoga & Ayurveda. more>>
  Ayurveda Spa, Resort & Wellness Center

Consultancy Division of Oriental Ayurveda Health Products.

We Provide Total Consultancy Solutions to the Ayurveda Spa, Resort & Wellness Center Industry. more>>


Export of Ayurvedic Products

Ayurvedic Products are promoted & exported overseas in various countries like
Australia, U.S.A. Italy, England, France, Kenya, and Holland.

Formulating and Manufacturing Ayurvedic Products

Oriental Ayurveda has developed an unique range of products for various problems like obesity, stress and anxiety, cardiac, joint problems, skin problems etc. These products have been manufactured with quality and efficacy in mind so that they meet the local as well as international standards.

Consultants for various Ayurvedic Health Centers

The Directors of Oriental Ayurveda are qualified experts in the field of Ayurveda
and provide consultation in setting up new Ayurvedic centers, conducting lectures, as well as medical consultation to patients visiting the health centers.
The Directors are regularly invited to health centers in various countries like
Australia,Spain, Germany, Italy, and U.S. for advice.

Technical Advice to Pharmaceutical Companies

Ayurvedic Experts working with Oriental Ayurveda have first hand experience in development, manufacturing and marketing of Ayurvedic products.
They are sought by Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Companies to provide technical
advice in the above fields.

Providing Ayurvdic Expert Human Resource and Providing Career Guidance

The Company assists in sending Ayurvedic doctors to various places in India and Abroad who conduct lectures for Ayurvedic students, treat patients who attend the centers.The doctors stay at these centers for a specific duration during which they carry out these activities to promote Ayurveda.
The Company also provides guidance to students of Ayurveda by which they can make their career in promoting Ayurveda as consultants, lecturers, manufacturers, marketers, etc.

Organizing International Seminars

Oriental Ayurveda is involved in organizing International Seminars on various
Diseases. Experts in Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy from various countries attend the seminar and share their views and experiences, present papers in the conference.

Free Health Check up Camps

The company tries to help the society with some social and charity work by
conducting free Ayurvedic health check up camps with the help of Ayurvedic Doctors associated with the company.

Publishing Books and Articles

The Directors of Oriental Ayurveda are also authors of many books in Ayurveda.Oriental Ayurveda also promotes magazines

"Deerghayu", and "Deerghayu International"

"Deerghayu" is a special magazine during Diwali in local language (Marathi).
This magazine is designed specifically for the common man with an intention
of creating health awareness & knowledge."Deerghayu International" is a quarterly scientific journal with an ISSN number. This is a scientific journal publishing latest research work in the field of Ayurveda & Alternative medicine, specifically designed for research minded people.

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